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Lakeyards: Overflow Swimming pool

Swimming pools are brilliant creations of contractors. Taking a shower is routine, but taking a plunge in the pool will be an unforgettable experience. Pool engineering is not as straightforward as it appears. There are many tools that we can use for the maintenance of the pool. The most evident method of pool installation and maintenance is recommended by Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai due to their expertise and understanding of such jobs. Without proper practice and comprehension, we cannot complete a task. As a result, it is important to seek advice from swimming pool contractors.


With the development of technology, many new tools have been created for use. Many things have variances, whether it is a structure or anything else. The pool’s transformation grew fashionable over time. The rise of the contemporary way of life has also impacted the design of the pools. Pools were often rectangular in previous decades. The reason for this is that there is no such instrument that will assist contractors in crafting the land following the precise ideas. Due to that reason, contractors select simple layouts.

The Best Pool Type

Certain types of pools have important distinct characteristics. Almost every personality type is creative and cheerful. The selection of pools designs are selected by the customers according to their choice. We can see that many individuals wished to have a basic pool in numerous scenarios. At the same time, we can observe that many individuals desired to have those pools with unique characteristics. It is also based on the customers’ desire  and budget. According to their budget they choose a pool. Of course, pools with additional amenities will be more expensive. The other issue is the house’s surroundings. If your home is modern, an inventive pool will be ideal.

Swimming pool

Overflow Swimming Pool

Lakeyard is not just providing you with an ordinary pool but the pools of this modern era as well. An overflow swimming pool is the one that is high in demand. The appearance of an overflow pool is appealing. The water surface is so large that it touches the upper half of the pool’s sides. This pool creates the illusion of water with no boundaries. The surface seems to be a horizon due to the reflection of the sky. The major feature of this pool is its beauty; it has no other advantages. The maintenance of water  should be at a proper level.

Working of Overflow Swimming Pool

The most used layout of the present era is the overflow swimming pool. The structure of this pool is so unusual and vibrant that it draws attention to the home. The water level has given this pool a new name: deck pool. The overflow channel or Overflow Skimmers wrap around the pool’s perimeter. One side of the pool is connected to a balancing tank, which gathers pool water and feeds it to the pump. Plastic grating is installed in the channels.

When the drained water reaches the filtration system, it is sent back into the pool by monitoring the pool’s volume. It keeps the water clean for a long period since the water is constantly going through the filtering system. This pool takes up the majority of the space. A water pump and filter system must be installed. In addition, the balancing tank necessitates the construction of a location.

Advantages of Overflow Swimming Pool

There are several advantages to this pool system. Though there are advantages to other pools as well, this one is not like that ordinary pool. It is different in look, shape, and cleaning as well. 

  • It makes the house beautiful by providing a luxury look
  • The volume of the water that matches the edges looks to the horizon
  • The filtration of water done through filters and transferred back to the pool
  • There is less waste of water as we can use water again through filtration
  • It requires less chlorination of water
  • There are fewer chances of growth of algae


All these benefits explain how this pool is different from those conventional pools as it is giving us many benefits at the same time. In conventional pools, there is no use of balancing tanks, and skimmers can be seen. But in this pool, skimmers are constructed around the boundaries of the pool so that the water is used again and the balance will be maintained. This pool is another best feature that is the best part of an Outdoor Swimming Pool to give an enchanting look. 

The use of technological gadgets and a system for filtering water on time is another feature that makes it unique. Lakeyard is one of those companies that is providing this advanced structure of the pool and helping people of UAE to make their houses pretty. You can have the help of our online platform to contact us. 

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