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Outdoor Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

Outdoor swimming pools are usually constructed in the backyard or front yard in some cases. The purpose of such construction is to make your house modern and to enjoy the month of summer. There are certainly other reasons that can fall in the category of swimming pool construction. Most people use the swimming pool for conducting pool parties or for family get together. A refreshing swim in a pool sounds like the ideal way to spend a hot summer day. However, the next time you go swimming, think about the engineering underlying these little pools of waste.

Evolution of Outdoor Swimming Pools

In the past, the shape of the swimming pool was usually square. There were no heavy tools for the digging of the ground. The process of digging is only done with the help of shovels. The process of giving shapes to the pools was not easy. So, people usually consider simple shapes. Now, certain kinds of tools and machinery can complete the process of digging with minimum time. It is easy for Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai to give a different shape to the pool with the use of modern tools in this era of technology.

Selection of Pool Contractors

Only a landscaping business with the greatest ideas may be chosen if it works on the project with meticulous preparation. To increase the company’s worth, pool contractors work under the motto of quality, productivity, and satisfaction. The strategic notion of bringing innovative things to the land must be dealt with. Another characteristic of the greatest swimming pool construction firm is that it has a well-defined history of previous projects. If a firm uses an internet platform to provide these services, it will also get reviews that will assist explain the company’s growth.


Accreditation is considered the most prominent part of pool contractors. There is a need to check the licensure and certificate of the organization with whom you are going to deal. A pool contractor should be registered and have well-qualified staff members that have experience in the process of making pools. It is better to check the affiliation of the company with the accreditation organization.


A well-formed firm has fine staff that deals with the customers for their satisfaction. Lakeyards swimming pool & landscaping is enriched with such qualities. We provide you fast services regarding queries and construction. We are easy to get in touch with and always available to answer your questions. You can expect high quality, friendly, and customer satisfied services from our company.

Qualification of Pool Contractors

Experience is considered an essential part of the construction of the pool. A proper qualification is not required. If a contractor has done multiple projects, then it matters a lot. Experience is most prominent as it makes a person become the master of certain jobs. But there is a need to have a state license that will allow them for the construction without issues.

Pool Construction by Pool Contractors

Modelers and architects plan the pool based on the available area and then plan the utilities, such as plumbing, that will be required to support the pool. When the layout of the pool is done, the following stage is to begin digging and exposing the pit where the pool will be erected. The stones and soil in the earth are uncovered using heavy machinery. Creating a way for the construction of big structures. Plumbing is installed once the entrance has been burrowed. 

To maintain the water as pristine as possible, pool plumbing includes filling pipes, channel lines, filtration, and warming lines. The pipes’ structure should be more sophisticated the more complicated the pool layout is. Steel and concrete are commonly used in the building of inground pools. The steel structure prevents the concrete from cracking and aids in the sustaining of the water’s immense weight. Before the concrete is put, electrical and gas connections are made to the framework. 

This enables things like pool lighting and hot tub jets to be connected. Following the construction of steel-reinforced walls. The concrete is then sprayed into the holes with hoses. To match the pool’s design, the concrete can be shaped into flowing forms. After that, the concrete will be allowed to cure for about a week before work can begin.

The pool is plastered, tiled, or painted once the concrete has dried. To complete the aesthetic, further finishing touches like tiles and coping are put in. During this time, exterior elements such as waterfalls will be connected. After all of this, the pool is virtually finished and ready to use. It may be filled with chlorinated and salted water.

Other Services

There are certain things involved in the maintenance services such as cleaning the pool, irrigation, resurfacing, and acid wash. Lakeyards swimming pool & landscaping company is providing our clients with such services as well. We are not just constructing but preserving the beauty of the pool as well. The aim of Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai is not just to build a pool but to install the safety equipment and maintenance.

Characteristics of Pool Contractors

Many characteristics should be present for best performance in the competing market. Particular characteristics are present in Lakeyards swimming pools & landscaping which are as follows:

  • Our contractor shows a kind behavior while communication
  • We are equipped with licensed and experienced staff
  • We can provide real references to make sure that you are not here to be fooled
  • The process of designing is followed thoroughly according to the customer’s demand
  • The design of your intended pool provided in a 3D model
  • The design will be managed according to the financial management and a warranty will be provided as well.
  • The guaranteed work is provided that last for long time

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